Do hidden camera detector apps work?


If you have already installed Hidden Camera Detector app and did not spend at least few hours to know how it works, most probably you will end up with this question “Do hidden camera detector apps work” and most important “Can a cell phone detect a hidden camera?”

Quickest answer to that is, “Yes, hidden camera detector apps work but it depends on how you make use of them effectively. To make such apps useful, you need to understand how these apps work and how to use them”.

So let’s get straight into it.

First, hidden camera detector app offers multiple ways to detect hidden spy cameras. No app with the limited hardware capability, can guarantee you that your premise has hidden camera or not. Rather hidden camera detector app gives you necessary tools and offers detection techniques so that you can scan your nearby area or premise with ease.

With hidden camera detector app, you get access to some of the cool techniques to detect spy camera. Let’s take the example of infrared camera. In few places, hidden cameras are infrared camera or night vision camera. Our mobile phone camera can spot IR lights which are invisible to human eye. Meaning if you scan your area without this app, most probably you will not notice hidden IR camera. But if you scan your area with the help of this app, app will show IR light as visible white/ blue light which was invisible to naked eye.

Similarly in many places, we see wireless camera. There are plenty of wireless and bluetooth cameras available on the amazon and other commerce website. Such cameras can be detected with the help of “detect wireless camera” functionality of this app. Without this app, it will be tedious manual activity that will take too much time to detect such cameras.

The third major functionality offered by hidden camera detector app is detect wired camera. It uses magnetic sensor of your phone to identify nearby magnetic activity. If magnetic activity matches with typical camera units then it will beep with warning sign. Though app can also beep for false positive objects like television, microwave oven but user intervention is strongly required. 

Talking about hidden camera detector app by Futureapps, it offers lens detector feature that uses artificial intelligence, using which you can detect mobile camera especially in changing rooms, CCTV and few pin hole cameras.


App does offer lot of detection mechanism which are possible with limited cellphone hardware capabilities and that can help you detect hidden spy cameras but you should also understand how hidden camera detector app work and how you can use it to gain advantage of the technology.

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