How to detect wired camera?

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Let’s talk on how to detect wired camera using your android or iPhone.

In many places hidden cameras are installed by premises owner in such a way that it is invisible to the victim. These cameras can send image/ video data (could also be a live stream) through a wired network. These cameras could also be connected to a display or memory units like hard disc/ memory card etc.

It is very difficult to detect hidden wired cameras, but thanks to “magnetic sensor” in all modern android and ios devices.

Step 1 : Download hidden camera detector app on your android (Click here to download) or iPhone (Click here to download)

Step 2: Select “Detect Wired camera” or “Magnetometer scanning” option. If you see a message on your android device that “No magnetic sensor”, use different android device that has magnetic sensor.  iPhones and iPads have magnetic sensor for all of its versions.

Step 3: Once you started to see numbers on the screen, app should say “No camera nearby” or “No camera detected”.


Step 4: If app starts beeping with potential camera detected message without having any camera nearby, reset your magnetic sensor. Also check if there is any electronic device nearby like microwave oven or refrigerator.  Try to avoid electronic influence as much as possible. App can provide you false signal if it is influenced by electronic device other than camera.

Step 5: Now once readings are stabilised and app is not beeping, find objects that you have suspect on like flower pot, pens, screws, lamps, hair dryers, clocks, wall decorations, bathroom mirror. etc

Step 6: Identify magnetic sensor position in your phone:  For iPhones, magnetic sensor is at top left corner of your phone. For android, it can either be on top left corner or top right corner depending on manufacturer of your device. To identify, have other mobile camera and move around the app. When you see spikes in numbers or app starts beeping then that would be the sensor position for your android device.

Step 7: Now move app closer to your suspect (around few cm’s or inches) and check if it causes any spike in magnetic readings (or if app starts beeping).

Step 8: If app is beeping then check for lens over that object. If object itself is electronic device like television, it could be a false signal. Sometimes electronic influence from electric wiring inside walls can interfere with the app providing false signal so always be thoughtful before making any decision. The best way to confirm is to check for lens on those suspects.


App receives data from magnetic sensor of your phone in the raw format. This data is magnetic signal from nearby objects. This is the same sensor which is used by compass app to find north direction based on earth’s magnetism. After getting data from magnetic sensor, app removes unnecessary noise and earth’s magnetic radiation and convert the magnetic signal into meaningful number. Then app analyse the magnetic activity and try to decide if that matches with magnetic activity from typical camera units. If it does, app will beep with respective message on the screen.

App will only beep if magnetic activity matches with the magnetic activity of typical camera. Sometimes it can also be a false signal depending on magnetic influence caused by other electronic devices or even electric wiring inside walls.  In that case we recommend users to inspect lens over that object. If you are unable to find lens over it or object itself is electronic device then you can ignore the message considering it as false signal.

No. App can only sense magnetic activity of objects nearby 1-2 inches. You need to first identify potential objects and then scan those objects using the app.

Unfortunately, app needs magnetic sensor to work. You need to try app on other device that has magnetic sensor. Almost all recent devices have magnetic sensor but that totally depends on the manufacturer of your device. Like Uber app needs GPS on your device, this app needs magnetic sensor on your device.

If you need to scan objects which are installed on roof,  It is difficult but there are few ways like you can use selfi stick and use ladder.

Technically this is not possible yet because magnetic sensors on mobile phones are not highly sensitive or designed for this purpose. The more distance, magnetic activity gets reduced to zero and almost impossible to detect.

It all depends on type of camera, circuits boards and power supply units used for the camera. App do not detect lens but electronic hardware of the camera. For laptop camera, only lens are at top centre but all camera units are embedded in mother board. hence it is difficult to detect such cameras.

Since there are lot of factors influencing performance of the app, it is difficult to measure accuracy of the app. User intervention and common sense is required and should use this tool to support your decision and not to make a decision.

Open the app, select magnetometer scanning option and rotate phone in horizontal 8 direction. That should reset and stabilise the numbers. To confirm, open compass app and make sure compass app is pointing to the correct north.

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    1. If you move app close, it causes spike and when you move app away, numbers go down, then there is definitely some magnetic activity however these numbers are very low for a camera. So chance of having hidden camera in your suspicious object is very low.

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