Hidden Camera Detector

Detect hidden cameras in hotel rooms, changing rooms using magnetometer. Detect infrared cameras as white visible spot.

How to use app

Magnetometer scanning – This feature needs magnetic sensor (magnetometer) in your device. If magnetic sensor is not present, app will show “No magnetic sensor” message and this feature will not be available.
If your device has magnetic sensor, identify position of magnetic sensor in your device. It could be at top left or top right of your device. The best way to identify position is to take another camera and scan 360. The position where app beeps is sensor position in your device.
Now, move app closer to every suspect you have in room, for example screws, flowerpot, showerhead etc. facing sensor towards the suspect. If app beeps when moved closer and stop beeping when moved away, further investigate for the lens.
Sometimes app may beep nearby some metal objects, or electronics. Make sure you identify the patterns.

Advanced scanning – This is available only in gold edition. You can observer magnetic sensor raw X, Y, Z values (magnetic flux) and identify the location of its source. This is dual mode where you can identify IR camera and normal camera at the same time


Infrared scanning – When you enter hotel room you can also detect infrared camera’s. They are very common as IR camera’s can see in the dark. With this option, you can just scan 360 and monitor if you see white spot/ white light on the screen which you can not see by naked eye. If you see white light, its infrared light and could be IR camera. You can test this with TV remote control. Note – Any digicam can detect IR lights. This feature is for those who don’t scan rooms with normal cam to detect IR lights.

Tips & Tricks – Browse through some common hacks with which you can avoid potential exposure to hidden cameras.

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