About futureapps

Futureapps was founded in 2015. Goal is to create utilities and tools that help people in their day to day life.

We developed hidden camera detector app to help on detecting hidden spy camera and also some tips to stay protected. Currently app has around 5M+ downloads on Google Play and 10k+ Download on apple store.

We developed battery app that gives 100% charging protection from overcharging, high battery temperature and over voltage with audio alerts.

We developed Reminders app, let’s take back, there are plenty of reminder & notes app on play store but no app actually plays reminder message. All apps just beep or play ringtones. While you are away from your mobile, you don’t know why your phone is ringing unless you open it and see the description. This app actually speak the content of your reminders using text to speech. You can customize the voice. To know all features, check out the app page.

Our goal is to develop great utilities and tools that can help people. Do you want to contribute to our work? Just write down to [email protected] Please do not spam us for marketing, eCPM and job emails as we don’t entertain such emails.

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