How to detect infrared camera?

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Let’s talk on how to detect infrared cameras in detail.

Infrared cameras are primarily used to capture moments in low light or in the dark. They are also called night vision camera.  As name indicates, infrared cameras emit infrared lights (IR lights) which has frequency 430 THz down to 300 GHz. These lights are invisible to human eye. So even if there is a bulb glowing IR light, human will not be able to see it.

here is blog if you want to know how IR cameras work in detail. So how can we detect infrared cameras?

There is brilliant trick out there. Even though infrared lights are invisible to human eye, our digital cameras can sense IR light. Digital camera will show IR light as visible white or blue light spot in camera preview.

Step 1: Open camera of your phone or open hidden camera detector app on android and ios (If you are ios user, app will always open front camera because apple has applied IR filter on back cameras. That means back camera of your iphone will filter IR light and you wont be able to see those in the preview.)

Step 2: Scan your surroundings 360° and carefully watch camera preview. If you see any white light or blue light in the camera preview that is invisible to naked eye then that is infrared light.

Step 3: Such infrared light can also be infrared camera.

Note: There could be many devices that may have infrared light, not necessarily a camera like reflection of phone’s own IR lights in the mirror or TV remote control.  So always check which device is emitting IR lights. If you see lens on such device, ask more information to the premises owner


Can I test this in advance?

Yes, you can test. Take remote control of any device. See tip of it and press any button. You will not see anything.

Now open hidden camera detector app or open camera of your device and point remote control towards the camera preview and press any button. You will see white light/ blue light glowing that you can not see with your own eyes.

You will see this behavior because remote control emits IR light.


Yes, android phone cameras can detect IR lights. For iPhone, back camera do not detect IR lights because apple has applied IR filter on it but still front camera can detect IR lights.

You do not need mobile app just to detect IR camera but hidden camera detector app has applied some effects to see IR lights clearly and has ultimate zoom option. For ios devices, it opens up front camera upfront. It avoids manual efforts and app also have other features to detect wired and wireless camera.

Even though apple has applied IR filter on back camera, user can also try to find normal camera (non infrared camera) using exponential zoom option.

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