How to use Lens Detector

[ Step by Step guide ]

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Let’s talk on how to use lens detector feature on hidden camera detector app.

Lens Detector feature uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to detect camera lenses. It performs frame by frame analysis of your camera preview, does image processing and try to find best possible cameras in your camera preview. It show possible cameras as red rectangular box. App shows lot of possible objects not necessarily be a camera, like electronic device, laptop etc. but app doesn’t beep for that. 

To use this feature, you just need to scan surroundings 360 degrees and roam around the place. When mobile camera, CCTV or pin hole camera is detected, app will beep showing the rectangular box.  App uses ML model trained by Google and applies post processing on top of that. Sometimes results are not accurate and it might show wrong object as potential camera, so user intervention is required.

This feature works best to identify CCTV cameras, mobile cameras placed in changing rooms and even in some extent help detecting pin hole cameras.

On Hidden Camera Detector Gold version, app comes with one more feature which is identifying potential objects. App will show some potential objects like clock that can be used to place hidden pin hole cameras. User are expected to carefully inspect such objects. Also note that, this feature will just show the potential object, not necessarily object contain the hidden camera. User intervention is strongly required.

This feature is still beta and under development. You can write to us if you face any issues or need improvements. 

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