Privacy Policy

Hidden Camera Detector & Hidden Camera Detector Gold

Privacy policy is divided into 3 components.

1. App permissions 2. Data collection 3. Data collection by third party.

App ask for following permissions:

  1. Camera Permission: Features, namely Lens Detector and Infrared Camera Detector need camera permission to detect lens and infrared camera respectively. However app only need camera permission for the preview and do not capture any photo or video, hence app do not ask for storage permission. 
  2. Internet permission: App needs internet permission for the advertisement. (Not applicable for the gold & iOS version). User can deny this permission without affecting any app functionality however enabling internet permission provides seamless experience to the user.
  3.  Bluetooth Permission:  Bluetooth permission is required to scan nearby Bluetooth & BLE devices to detect BLE cameras. App do not connect to any Bluetooth device.
  4.  Location Permission: Location permission is required for Hidden Camera Detector Gold (Android) version to detect wireless camera. Location permission is required to scan nearby WiFi and WiFi Direct devices in Android. iOS version do not ask for this permission.
  1. Both the apps do not collect any person identifiable information. (PII).
  2. App may collect some information like if the device has magnetic sensor or not but it is only for statistical purpose and we as developers can not identify specific device or user with that information. App do not collect any information about the device except sensor availability.
  3. App uses Google Firebase analytics for analytical purpose. The data collection by analytics will be covered under data collection by third party section of this page.
  4. We as developers do not share any analytical information with the third party.
  1. App uses Google firebase analytics for analytical purpose. The information collected by Google with this framework and their privacy policy will be covered under this link.
  2. App uses Google Admob and Startapp for advertisements. (Except iOS & Gold version). for Google Admob – See this link for Startapp – See this link