How to detect wireless camera?

[ Step by Step guide ]

Hello everyone!

Let’s talk on how to detect wireless camera using your android or iPhone.

Its really simple and very basic but most of us do not follow these simple tricks to find out wireless camera.

What is wireless camera ?

Wireless camera use WiFi , Bluetooth of the premises, create own hotspot or create WiFi Direct to send video /image data or live recordings to the premises owner. They are easy to install.

How to detect wireless camera?

Step 1: Open hidden camera detector app or just open settings from your phone.

Step 2: Turn on WiFi and scan for near by devices.

Step 3: If you see any device having name as below, be cautious and ask more information to the premises owner. (1080p, 720p, IP Cam, Cam, HD, Any name that has multiple “-“, Device name that seems to be a model number of device)

Step 4: Turn on Bluetooth and scan for nearby devices.

Step 5: If you see any suspicious Bluetooth device like above, ask more information to the premises owner.

demo image of wireless camera

Note:  Initiate respectful and kind conversation with premises owner if you find any suspicious device. If you do not receive any helpful response then you can call authority.


Ideally No! App will redirect users to scan WiFi using settings option of your phone. You do not need app but we recommend app because it will have all the options available for scanning cameras like scan wired camera, infrared camera and wireless camera under one hood and will save your precious time. Psychologically if you have app installed, you will have more chances to scan when you step into hotel room.

It could be! Glad you reached at this step. Sometimes wireless cameras create hotspot or wifi direct and name of the device can be model number having multiple hypens (“-“) int it. But it can also be other device. If you find such device, it is better to ask more information to the premises owner. If he is unable to provide justification then you may call authorities. But we recommend you have polite and respectful conversation with the premises owner first. Also note that its about your security and you have all rights for the information.

Even if you do not find anything suspicious, it is not safe to say there is no wireless camera. By scanning with this option, you have completed precautionary step which you have to do from your end. Sure to say chances of wireless camera will reduce if you do not find anything suspicious. But some wireless cameras can connect to already configured WiFi and use some different technique which is difficult to detect without professional help.

Hidden camera detector app do not need access to WiFi but need access to Bluetooth. App gives option to scan nearby bluetooth devices within app so that you do not need to navigate to settings option. App can not connect to any bluetooth device. It can only display list of available devices on the screen.

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  1. All I keep getting Bose color sound link 2 and I don’t have nothing like that. I rent a two bedroom log cabin. Why does it keep showing that and some spots between the logs the magnetic reader goes crazy??? All the electoral wiring comes under the cabin for all electric outlets. There’s no wires running in between the logs of the cabin. I have caught endoscope camera’s going across my walls and floors and I ran as fast as I could outside and caught a guy running in sort like o police uniform but no badges from my the side of my cabin. This was the last part of last summer. I live by the right Hwy and there’s a bike trail between my cabin and the Hwy with a small patch of woods you can see tru and stood and I seen him and he seen me there for a second and he took off like he was jogging. I’ve had hip surgery and I can’t run but, if I could, he would have been a hurt unit that day!!! He’s been harassing me for quit sometime now and there’s nothing I can do. I’m disabled. I know what he looks like. I just don’t have the means to catch him.

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