10 preventive steps that protect you from hidden camera

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Hello everyone!

We talked about detecting hidden camera. Now let’s see 10 preventive steps to protect from hidden camera. If you haven’t came here from app or haven’t read our blog on detecting hidden cameras, you can follow this link https://futureapps.site/how-to-detect-hidden-camera/

So let’s get started.

1: Turn off all lights and check for any blinking LED lights. Sometimes camera comes with on off indicator and it becomes very easy to detect them just by inspecting blinking LED lights.

2: Scan for normal camera as well as Infrared camera with the help of hidden camera detector app.

3: Perform 2 way mirror test : Sometimes, especially in changing rooms, camera is placed behind the mirror. Such mirrors are 2 way mirrors that means you see your reflection in the mirror but person or camera behind the mirror can see you through the mirror as a transparent glass. It is very easy to find out 2 way mirrors. Just touch the mirror with your fingernail. For normal mirrors, there is always a gap between actual fingernail and its reflection. But in case of 2 way mirrors, there is no gap between actual fingernail and its reflection. So if you do NOT see any gap between the fingernail and its reflection, it can be a 2 way mirror.

4: Open Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from Android or iPhone and scan for suspicious network like (“IP Cam”, “1080”). Read this guide to know more in detail.

5: Open Torch, put the light on suspicious objects, open mobile phone camera and see if you see any glint.  Camera lens throw a glint under torch.

6: Check broken sockets and broken electronic equipment especially when you are at PG house or hotel room.

7: In case of any doubt on any equipment or lens looking object, place a cello tape or cloth over it. This is the best preventive step you can perform. Always carry non transparent cello tape while travelling. 

8: While sleeping, always turn off TV. Cut off main power supply (Mostly in hotel rooms)

9: Change the direction of flowerpots, coffee machine and other such appliances towards the wall.

10: Inspect the balcony area for CCTV.

Bonus Tip

If you have smart TV that has camera and internet connectivity, it can easily be hacked and misused. To prevent this threat,

  1. Update the software of your smart TV to its latest version
  2. Apply a sticker/ cello tape on the camera if you are not using it.

Laptop camera can also be hacked if you have installed unauthorized software.

So apply a sticker or cello tape on your laptop camera as well. If you use laptop camera for your office / personal calls, have a non transparent card, bent it in middle and cover your laptop camera using hair clip.  That way you can use camera for your calls and when you don’t need it, you can just cover it. For MacBook you don’t need to do this as MacBook cameras are hardwired with LED light. So when laptop camera is in use, you will see the red light glowing.

Do you know even a Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg applied a sticker on his laptop camera! You can read this blog if it interests you further.

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