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Hello everyone!

Whenever you step into hotel room or guest house, do follow below steps to detect hidden spy camera. If you need to use changing room in the mall, you must perform step #3. 

Lets get started.

1: Turn off all the lights and check for any blinking LED lights. Sometimes camera comes with on off indicator and it becomes very easy to detect them just by inspecting blinking LED lights.

2: Identify potential places for hidden spy camera and scan for normal camera as well as Infrared camera with the help of hidden camera detector app.

See below image to identify the suspect in any common place


3: Perform 2 way mirror test :

Sometimes, especially in changing rooms, camera is placed behind the mirror. Such mirrors are 2 way mirrors that means you see your reflection in the mirror but person or camera behind the mirror can see you through the mirror as a transparent glass. It is very easy to find out 2 way mirrors. Just touch the mirror with your fingernail. For normal mirrors, there is always a gap between actual fingernail and its reflection. But in case of 2 way mirrors, there is no gap between actual fingernail and its reflection. So if you do NOT see any gap between the fingernail and its reflection, it can be a 2 way mirror.

4: Open Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from Android or iPhone and scan for suspicious network like (“IP Cam”, “1080”). Read this guide to know more in detail. You can also watch this 60 second video.

5: Open Torch, put the light on suspicious objects, open mobile phone camera and see if you see any glint.  Camera lens throw a glint under torch.

6: Check broken sockets and broken electronic equipment especially when you are at PG house or hotel room.

7: In case of any doubt on any equipment or lens looking object, place a cello tape or cloth over it. This is the best preventive step you can perform. Always carry non transparent cello tape while travelling. 

8: While sleeping, always turn off TV. Cut off main power supply (Mostly in hotel rooms)

9: Change the direction of flowerpots, coffee machine and other such appliances towards the wall.

10: Inspect the balcony area for CCTV.


Bonus Tip

If you have smart TV that has camera and internet connectivity, it can easily be hacked and misused. To prevent this threat,

  1. Update the software of your smart TV to its latest version
  2. Apply a sticker/ cello tape on the camera if you are not using it.

Laptop camera can also be hacked if you have installed unauthorized software.

So apply a sticker or cello tape on your laptop camera as well. If you use laptop camera for your office / personal calls, then have a non transparent card, bent it in middle and cover your laptop camera using hair clip.  That way you can use camera for your calls and when you don’t need it, you can just cover it. For MacBook you don’t need to do this as MacBook cameras are hardwired with LED light. So when laptop camera is in use, you will see the red light glowing.

Do you know even a Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg applied a sticker on his laptop camera! You can read this blog if it interests you further.

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      1. U could down the green cam detect app but I half to have a magnetic sensor on it phone if u have a government phone it won’t haveone and slot of non gov phones don’t have em either

    1. I am staying at motel have had group of cyber stalkers.but they are watching and listening 24/7 and me in bathroom in bed can hear them take bets on My activities telling lies please help me this not joke I can hear them speaking have GPS on my vehicle even on me when am not carrying any devices they still following listening how this happening.just need to find who is funding these people and why I am disabled and homeless please again help me. They even mess with my ESA dog.

  1. Boa tarde eu ainda não fiz esse teste mas eu tenho uma câmera em casa eu vou fazer esse teste só depois é que eu tô olhando para câmera aqui e e eu tô fazendo sete eu não sei se ela tá desligada que não é minha essa aqui nós vamos ver se for realmente que vocês estão falando eu vou tirar o chapéu obrigado

  2. Bonjour ça fait un moment que mes colocataires (maison de chambre,) fait couler l’eau du robinet pendant qu’il utilise son portable… imencable à tous les fois??? répondre SVP MERCI

    1. I hear audio voices talk as I move in my room. They say stuff like what I’m doing are the people who live here will respond to what I say to a guest I have over. Feels like they follow me everywhere

      1. It called #communitygangstalking w #ElectronicHarassment done with Microwave auditory effect and Psychotronic weapons. You might be a #targetedindividual

        1. I truly hope that someone replies and/or will be able to answer my questions and can ACTUALLY SERIOUSLY HELP, THANK YOU!!! If this is the case, then what options is there to getting these people to stop targeting a specific individual, or just anybody at all? And also how are you suppose to find or track down these groups of individuals or should i say, “Groupie Communities Gangsterrrr Stalkerrrrs (Who are too scared bc they have no balls to confront you in person, aka “Gangstares who are NOTHING but ALLLLLL TALK.TALK.TALK.TALK.TALK WITH NO-LIVES BUT 24HRS OF their “Famous” ‘THINKING THOUGHTFUL THREATS’ crap and then also their ‘TRYING2LIE+TRICK YOU” BS!! Lmfao..!!! ……But in all seriousness, how do you get rid of them..? How do you figure out who else gets targeted? Is there anyone specific or anyone deeply informed on these types of issues that can help you and assist you with dealing with the extreme and major inconvenience due to these cyber-s’Talking terrorists?!?, please reply if you have any legitimate recommendations and Experience successfully stopping, preventing and/or shutting this issue and these groupies DOWWWWWNNNN!!!!!!!

  3. I have been trying to get the most from this year and to be honest with you it’s been so much more than that betrayed by him and his family this is not the end only the first of its kind dj

    1. Been physically and cyber harassed and stalked by group of individuals nonstop even mess with my ESA puppy need help they getting more aggressive with the cyber fear for lives help us nobody believes me help

    1. I just want to know what to look for. I know cameras can come in all kind of sizes and items. Just not sure what to look at in my speaker or what they place it in.

  4. I’ve been using this app for years. Pro, not Pro.. Found possible lenses one time. In 5 years. It goes off! But not sure if anything was there.. Thanks for the app!

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