How to move to signal from whatsapp

Move WhatsApp to Signal

Hello everyone,

Recently WhatsApp has changed their privacy policy and many people are searching for alternative. There are plenty of options available however most common choice is Signal app and Telegram app.
The problem with the Telegram app is that, it does not offer end to end encryption for the normal chats but is it encrypted only for the secure chats. So people are obviously loving signal app as it comes with Privacy first. It is open source meaning anyone can see the code behind this app and it is secure.
Even Elon musk tweeted that he uses signal app that brought viral factor to this app.

Since many people are switching to signal app, the most common issue people are facing is to move their contacts and groups to signal app from WhatsApp. 

So here is the easiest way you can bring your contacts and groups over signal without manually adding people into it.

Step 1:

Register to signal app with your mobile number.

Step 2:

Create group in signal app with the same name as your created on WhatsApp.

create group in signal app

Step 3:

Go to group settings,  Tap on Group link. Then turn on group links and approve new members and click on share.

Enable group link

Step 4:

Share that link on the exact same WhatsApp group.

share signal link

With this link, people in your WhatsApp group will be able to register to the signal app and join the group that you have created. This will eliminate your manual efforts to invite people and then manually keep adding them as they join signal.

Signal also mentioned that they are launching chat wallpapers and animated stickers soon. Signal app already offers video calling and audio calling features.

So with this, it will be smooth transition from WhatsApp to signal app.

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