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This is the one-stop help page where you can get your queries and questions addressed.  Browse through the FAQ below, this should cover the majority of your queries. If you still have any additional query which is not listed below, feel free to write an email to [email protected] or use the chat option. 

FAQ - App installation & downloads

Hidden Camera Detector app is free on Android and paid on iOS. It is a one-time payment and NOT a subscription. So you won’t be charged on monthly basis. We also have a pro version on Android which is Hidden Camera Detector Gold. This version is paid and has pro features without ads. 

In case you are unable to download or install the app, follow these steps from here.

In case you paid for the pro app and unable to download or install the app, contact Google play support immediately. All the payments and transactions are handled by Google Play. Use this link to contact their support team.

You are secured by Google’s own refund policy  On top of that if you really did not like the app, email us your order id, date of transaction, and reason for refund. We will initiate a refund without any hassle.

The free version is ad-supported. Ads are shown when you are done with your scanning. This is the only revenue generation stream for us. Ads make this app Free. Your understanding is much appreciated.

FAQ - App functionality

Hidden Camera Detector app allows multiple techniques to detect different types of cameras.  Each technique should be applied to detect a specific type of camera. In short, you can not detect a wired camera using the infrared camera detection technique. 

Please go through this link to know who each technique works. Some of the features need certain hardware capabilities in your phone. For example, you need a magnetic sensor in your phone to detect wired cameras.  

App receives data from the magnetic sensor of your phone in raw format. This data is a magnetic signal from nearby objects. This is the same sensor that is used by the compass app to find the north direction based on the earth’s magnetism. After getting data from the magnetic sensor, the app removes unnecessary noise and earth’s magnetic noise and convert the magnetic signal into meaningful number. Then app analyzes the magnetic activity and tries to decide if that matches with magnetic activity from typical camera units. If it does, the app will beep with the respective message on the screen.

The app will only beep if magnetic activity matches with the magnetic activity from typical camera units. Sometimes it can also be a false signal depending on magnetic influence caused by other electronic devices or even electric wiring inside walls.  In that case, we recommend users inspect the lens over that object. If you are unable to find the lens over the suspect or object itself is an electronic device then you can ignore this message considering it as a false signal.

Unfortunately, the app needs a magnetic sensor to work. You need to try the app on a different device that has a magnetic sensor. Almost all recent devices have magnetic sensors but that totally depends on the manufacturer of your device. Like Uber app needs GPS on your device to work, this app needs a magnetic sensor on your device.

Technically this is not possible yet because magnetic sensors on mobile devices are not highly sensitive or designed for this purpose. More the distance, the magnetic activity gets reduced to zero and almost impossible to detect.

It all depends on the type of camera, circuit boards, and power supply units used for the camera. The app does not detect the lens but the electronic hardware of that camera. For laptop cameras, the only lens is at the top center but all camera units are embedded in the motherboard. hence it is difficult to detect such cameras.

The hidden camera detector app offers 3 different ways to detect different types of cameras. Each mechanism has its limitation. Sensors available on mobile phones are not meant for this purpose. App offers the best it can help detect the cameras with limited hardware capabilities. But as technology evolves, the app is making use of them as much as possible to detect the cameras. Let say AI to detect some pinhole cameras, CCTV and mobile cameras, etc.  

The app is not 100% accurate. User intervention is required. The app should be used as a tool to help you scan hidden cameras effectively rather than your own eyes. The user is expected to understand how each function works and make the best use of it. 

Open the app, select the “Detect Wired Camera” option and rotate your phone in a horizontal 8 direction. That should reset and stabilize the numbers. To confirm, open the compass app and make sure the compass app is pointing to the correct north. Watch this 9-second video on how to do that.

No, you do not need to move the app closer. You can detect IR cameras as per the preview coverage. Hence it is advisable to scan 360° to cover the maximum area. If you have doubt on a specific device or specific area in the room, you can move the app closer and inspect more.

App does support zoom option which you can leverage.

IR lights are captured by digital camera sensors and those are shown in the camera preview.

In case the app is unable to detect IR camera, kindly check

  1. If the IR camera is really based on IR technology and not something else.
  2. Position of IR blaster in that camera
  3. In case the IR intensity is low, try to switch off all the lights and then perform the scanning. 
  1. For Android devices, the app scans Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth, and BLE devices at the same time which avoids manual efforts. 
  2. App has a comprehensive list of commercially available wireless devices and their connectivity names. Hence this app holds the potential to detect more devices than manual scanning.
  3. For Android, detecting Wi-Fi direct is painful as many devices have this option hidden or needs a Miracast app (Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct both are different). hence it is easy to detect such devices using the app. Nowadays almost all intelligent devices use Wi-Fi Direct. The threat is not only a Wi-Fi Direct camera but also television that has a camera and microphone. 
  4. For iOS users, the app offers the same functionality to detect BLE cameras however they have to follow a guide to detect Wi-Fi cameras.

Yes, the name of the camera device can be a model number having multiple hyphens (“-“) in it. But it can also be another device. If you find such a device, it is better to ask for more information from the premises owner. If he is unable to provide justification then you may call authorities. But we recommend you to have a polite and respectful conversation with the premises owner first. Also, note that it’s about your security and you have all rights to the information.

For Android 9+ Devices, it is mandatory, not only to have location permission but also Location (GPS) must be ON to scan nearby Wi-Fi devices.

For more information, kindly read the restrictions section from https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/connectivity/wifi-scan#wifi-scan-restrictions

FAQ - App privacy policy

Yes, You can see our privacy policy here

This app, itself is designed to protect privacy. The app does not have any malicious program, virus, or malware.  App has 5M+ downloads and is live on the play store since 2015. This app does not perform any damage to your device on its own. Hence you are safe to use this app.

The app does not collect any data from your device apart from analytics. App uses firebase analytics from Google for analytical purposes. Data collected through analytics is always anonymous and helps developers to get statistics like country, device type, etc. You can visit the privacy policy page from firebase from our privacy policy link.

The app has Admob and StartApp ad networks. Data collected by these third parties are also covered in our privacy policy link.

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  1. So far I have detected what I suspected but never told anyone. I’ve done things by myself (I mean REALLY REALLY crazy styff), never told anyone, and then certain people talk about EXACTLY what I did (but never spoke that it was me they were talking about- always changed things to make it look like it was someone else)
    So, I haven’t been able to find out what the lines mean/are in the ‘hidden wired Camera ‘ tab?

    1. Somos dois até tenho medo do medo que todos vão ter acho que poucas pessoas estão preparados para realmente entender que já não há sequer os transformers quando eu entregar todos os documentos ai eu quero ver surrealista mas verdade medo não nojento sim capitalismo a por máquinas a trabalhar para assim eles não serem culpados mas ainda há dois anos falava do abuso da inteligência artificial e este ano foi aprovado nos Estados Unidos uma lei que a inteligência artificial ou melhor reconhecimento facial principalmente com intenção de discriminação social e muito mais mas se fosse aqui ninguém acreditava agora o jogo é outro.

    2. Milli istihbarat teşkilatı tarafından takip ediyorsunuz beni de aynı şekilde takip ediyorlar otobüs münübüs adım attıgınız Her yerde şüpheli cihazla baglandıgına bakın

  2. I notice the red dot and a beeping sound next to the wardrobe. Cant find this device though. Same happens on my bed – Any ideas?

  3. I haven’t been able use bathroom in my own private space over 2 years cause these sick individuals are always watching and listening.They use a device that’s only works when they are within range they watch us sleep. HELP US PLEASE from sonoma county Ca.

      1. Monsieur, riez ce n’est pas chez vous Tout ce que raconte toutes ces personnes est véridiques

    1. It comes up with a red box and actually says “potential mobile camera”
      I’m trying to figure out what “television” means when pointed at something clearly not a TV.

  4. How accurate is this app. Because I asked if there was any hidden devices in my house and I was told NO, but this app proves otherwise.. what should I do?

  5. Can anyone help me I don’t know what to do I work in the neighborhood liquor store I be there for 4yrs and I never had no problems and about 3months I star to notice the people know what I’m doing in my house so like i know it sounds crazy but can anyone help me

  6. Why can’t my wifi scan open at all now? After a phone update it closes the app even after redownloading

    1. Is it Android 12? Please go to settings -> Apps -> Permissions -> and grant Bluetooth permission. Android 12 needs explicit Bluetooth permission. We soon, are updating app to support Android 12.

  7. There’s a wifi that scans only in my room is that a camera???? It has very many numbers but unfortunately I don’t use wifi I use data how can I detecte camera

  8. How far outdoors can this app pick up cameras? I’m wondering if my neighbors have cameras which can look into my backyard.

  9. I’m hoping to know when it is the closest to the lense. When the red square is square or when it becomes a rectangle?

  10. I scanned wifi and Bluetooth alot of suspicious devices popped up then I went to link after I read it went back scanned again and some were gone some said not suspicious and some of the names were gone what happened

  11. Bonjour j’ai un signal qui bip vers ma barre de son même quand elle est éteinte le téléphone bip avec des traits qui montent et qui descends et sa marque caméra détecte,quand je pousse la barre de son plus de bip mais le problème c’est je trouve pas la caméra filière et je voudrais aussi savoir comment on voit qu’une télé connecté à une caméra et un microphone ?

    1. Your soundbar could just be making it go off because of the magnets in the speaker that may be setting the detector off

  12. My phone detected a wired camera in my bedroom inside the heat vent….it beeps profusely and the numbers go up to 110. So far that’s the only place in my bedroom that the phone goes crazy to. No outlets, no radio, no lamps and no windows etc

  13. I found two, one in my bedroom and one in my bathroom. Was my son to be ex boyfriend. I’ve always accused him of this for years . I felt it I freaking knew it. Now that I’ve found it I’m sitting here in shock with 9ne of them in my hand. My son died recently and my nerves can’t take this.

  14. I recently this year (early aug) moved OUT of a men’s shelter and INTO a studio apartment in the BX, which was Provided to me by the SAME company that owns & operates the men’s shelter I stayed in for two years(🤔)!!
    I’m certainly glad to have a roof over my head, but this place is just NOT what it seems, and certain things are just OFF about THIS building, which claimes to Serve the UnderServed(😉).
    NEED more apps like THIS.

  15. Hey buddy,
    With detect wired camera feature please provide the unit value too and also what radiation it is. This will help everybody to understand easily

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