4 Reasons why hidden camera detector app do not work for you


Since you are here, I assume you have already downloaded and tested hidden camera detector app. If not, please visit https://futureapps.site/hidden-camera-detector/ to get started.

So,  Here are top 4 reasons hidden camera detector app didn’t work for you.

1. Your device doesn’t have magnetic sensor :  The very first feature you will use is to detect wired camera. It uses magnetic sensor of your device to detect them. Magnetic sensor is hardware present in your device that senses magnetic and so electromagnetic flux around it and provide this information to the app. Today many devices have magnetic sensor but not all. Magnetic sensor is a hardware that is used for compass app as well as showing N-S direction inside Google maps. Some devices like iPad and iPhones use it to turn display on-off based on phone case which contains small magnet. This sensor senses the magnetism and turn off/on display.

Hidden camera detector app uses magnetic sensor and further process the data to detect cameras. If your device do not have this sensor, this feature doesn’t work.

How to check if my device has magnetic sensor: There are couple of ways,

  • 1. You can search on Google about your device
  • 2. Hidden camera detector app shows a message that your device don’t have magnetic sensor
  • 3. You can try compass app and it will show similar message or google maps do not show your facing direction in case your device doesn’t have this sensor.   

2. Your device magnetic sensor is not calibrated: Now your device has magnetic sensor but still app goes crazy when you open the app. The reason is, the magnetic sensor is not calibrated. In order to calibrate magnetic sensor, face your phone horizontal to ground and rotate it in horizontal 8 direction. This reset/calibrate magnetic sensor. After this step, you will see that readings will get stabilize. You don’t need to perform this step every time but it is recommended to do it when app goes crazy on launch.

3. Back camera of your phone has IR filter: Now coming to another feature, infrared camera detector. App uses back camera to detect IR cameras. If you need more info what IR cameras are and how app detects them, you can go through this blog. In modern world, sometimes device manufacturer add IR filters on back camera. Mostly premium camera phones might have such filters. In that case IR detection doesn’t work. You may open front camera to detect IR cams by yourself until app gets this feature out of the box. Don’t worry, this will get added soon!

4. You do not turn on GPS to detect wireless camera:  Let’s move to wireless camera detector. For android 12 and below devices, it is required to have location (GPS) on in order to scan for nearby WiFi and Wifi-direct devices. Many a times, users don’t see any device listed as they do not turn on location/GPS while scanning for wireless camera.

So while using this feature, just swipe down control center, toggle location to on and wait for devices to appear. In case no devices are listed, just swipe up inside the app to restart scanning.


So these are top 4 reasons you end up saying hidden camera detector app do not work. Hope this guide help you to detect hidden camera better. Stay safe, stay protected. Always scan when you step into hotel room, changing room or at AirBnB. 

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