Detect Wireless Camera

Wireless cameras use Wi-Fi of the premises, it can also create its own hotspot and allow owner to connect to it through Wi-Fi and then grab the photos or videos of the victim.

You can detect wireless cameras using your phone. Tap below to go to settings. click on Wi-Fi option, Turn on Wi-Fi and carefully see all list of Wi-Fi devices available near by you

If you see any Wi-Fi or network device with device name similar as below then be cautious and you may ask more information to the premises owner.

1. 1080p
2. 720p
3. HD
4. IP Cam
5. Cam
6. Having many “-” in the name
7. Name that seems to be model number of any device

Note : We recommend you to have a conversation with premises owner if you find anything suspicious. There is a chance that Wi-Fi device, you find suspicious may be a genuine device.