How to move to signal from whatsapp

How to move to signal from whatsapp Hello everyone, Recently WhatsApp has changed their privacy policy and many people are searching for alternative. There are plenty of options available however most common choice is Signal app and Telegram app.   The problem with the Telegram app is that, it does not offer end to end […]

3 important things to check for in the privacy policy

3 important things to check for in the privacy policy Hello everyone, You install many apps in your android devices and iPhones. You hear lot of times where many app developers suffer aligations on their data collection and data usage, collected from your device. It is obvious that you are concerned about the privacy.  Google […]

How to record call on iPhone without app

How to record call on iPhone without app? You purchased iPhone. But your wow factor ends as soon as you notice, there is no good way you can record a phone call. Apple says its not legal to record calls in most of the countries and to make iOS ecosystem secure, they haven’t provided call […]

how to auto reply email in gmail

How to auto reply email in gmail? Hello Everyone! If you run a small business, say for example if you run a cake shop and get lot of feedbacks, questions and suggestions from your customer via emails or let’s say you run online business and get lot of queries through email, the first thing you […]

How do I keep my Mac connected to WiFi while sleeping

If you have macbook air or macbook pro, then probably you have faced this issue (if not you will) where your wifi gets disconnected when macbook goes into sleep mode.

Few days ago, I started downloading a big file of 7GB and then went for lunch hoping my download will finish in 2-3 hours. When I came back, I saw download was at 2 GB interrupted due to request time out (No internet connectivity).

How to detect infrared camera

How to detect infrared camera? [ Step by Step guide ] Hello everyone! Let’s talk on how to detect infrared camera in detail. Infrared camera is primarily used to capture moments in the low light or in the dark. They are also called night vision camera.  As name indicates, infrared cameras emit infrared lights (IR […]

How to detect wireless camera

How to detect wireless camera? [ Step by Step guide ] Hello everyone! Let’s talk on how to detect wireless camera using your android or iPhone. Its really simple and very basic but most of us do not follow these simple tricks. Let’s get started. What is wireless camera ? Wireless camera use Wi-Fi , […]

How to detect wired spy camera – Step by step guide

How to detect wired camera? [ Step by Step guide ] Hello everyone. Let’s talk about how to detect wired cameras using your android and iPhone devices. In many places, a hidden camera is installed by the premise owner in such a way that it is invisible to the victim. These cameras can send image/ […]

How to detect hidden camera

Find out different ways to detect hidden spy camera. Mainly there are 3 types of camera. There are different techniques to detect different types of camera. The way we detect wired camera is totally different than the way we detect infrared camera. Let’s see step by step guide on how to detect these camera.